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Beating the Winter Blues

Does this season's chilly weather give you the urge to hibernate? If so, we've got everything you'll need to create the coziest of nests, without ever having to leave home! The great selection of snuggly items in our Bedding Department will have you toasty and warm during those cold, winter nights.To create a comfy cocoon, start with a featherbed. Featherbeds provide a luxurious layer of comfort between you and your mattress by cushioning and cradling your body with a soft cloud of feather and down. Their unique construction ensures that you'll have long lasting softness and support while you sleep. Next, cover your mattress with a set of flannel sheets ; the cozy feel of brushed cotton is great on cool nights. Top it all off with a fluffy down comforter. The superior comfort of this natural fiber is unmatched. Taken from clusters found under the feathers of geese and ducks, down provides a layer of insulation that keeps warmth in and cold out. For mildly cool climates, a summer or lightweight comforter is suitable. In colder weather, choose a winter, or heavyweight comforter. The high fill power in these comforters provides great insulation and heat retention. Our plush blankets are great as an extra layer of warmth or for catching a quick nap on a blustery afternoon. Add a touch of color to your bed or sofa with a soft throw in cozy fabrics such as chenille and cotton.Beat the winter blues with help from iHome. Create a haven for rest with our selection of bedding that will keep you and your family comfortable and warm throughout the season.

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Turn your bed into a comfy haven

Have you ever slept in a quaint Bed and Breakfast or a luxury hotel and wondered why you got such a great night's sleep?
We seem to all want a good night's rest, but how many of us have actually examined our bed and asked, "Is this bed giving me the best sleep possible?" Since most of us can't escape to luxury hotels whenever we need some extra slumber, here are some ideas to turn your own bed into a comfy haven.

Good Mattress Support

If your mattress is a little worn, bring it back to life with one of the new "mattress toppers." Thicker than a mattress pad, they provide additional cushioning and comfort. A quality mattress pad also protects your mattress and supports the sleeper. Choose a mattress pad that suits your needs. For extra insulation, try a foam or wool mattress pad.

A cloud-like Featherbed

Europeans have been sleeping on featherbeds for years, but most Americans have not caught on to this sleeping secret. My husband and I slept on a featherbed our first night home from our honeymoon and we got the best night's sleep ever! When I discovered that I was allergic to the feathers and told my husband we'd have to give it up, he told me that I could sleep in the guestroom! Luckily, there are now many hypoallergenic alternatives.

Quality Sheets

The higher the thread count, the softer the sheet and the more durable it will be. Look for all-cotton sheets, since they "breathe." Layers of Comfort - A sheet with a single heavy comforter is just not as comfortable as a layered bed. A cotton blanket may be adequate for a slightly cool night, but you'll want a heavier blanket or a down comforter to put on top for snuggling on chillier evenings.

A good Sleeping Pillow

Read our Buyer's Guide on Sleeping Pillows to choose the pillow and firmness that is right for you. Down pillows, which are adjustable, are often considered the most luxurious. Let us help you create a cozy nest in your bedroom, but don't hold us responsible if you never want to get out of bed!


New ideas for Bedroom (2)

Right Stripes

This contemporary room shows how shades of one color used together can create a successful scheme. Color is confined to the walls and teamed with plain white furniture for a bold, clean-cut look.

Mellow Yellow

The master bedroom is a cheerful spot throughout the day. Walls are glazed in sunny yellow, and Scalamandre "Jour de Juin" silk provides the perfect upholstery for the Julia Gray four-poster bed. A simple green-and-white lattice-patterned carpet is the anchor.

Lounge Act

If there's not room for a bench at the foot of the bed and a separate sitting area, combine the two concepts. This chaise fills in nicely for a standard bench while anchoring a seating group that also includes an upholstered armchair. An oversize mirror makes the room appear larger.


A bumped-out wall serves as a framework for the gracefully shaped headboard of this bed. With this bed, the mood of the room could have been clearly formal but the blue and white checked upholstery takes it into the realm of casually elegant.

Country French Flourishes

"Pillement Toile" wallpaper in a sage colorway coordinates perfectly with the French provincial furnishings. A custom headboard was upholstered in "Pillement Toile" linen, as well, with shirred borders and a flat field.

Color Crazy

.Bright cotton hangings create an intimate alcove in this one-room guest cottage. Fabrics can be used casually in a variety of ways to contribute texture and color to any decorating scheme.

Frugal Flair

Look for exotic silky fabric in markets and use it to trim a plain white duvet cover or bedspread and to make cushion covers that add an aura of luxury to your bed

Fur Fabulous

Just made for the city slicker, this room combines a contemporary color scheme in smart neutrals with seductive leather and suede to create a cozy love nest.

Flair for the Dramatic

A canopy bed is a good choice for a room with a dramatic, vaulted ceiling. One with a shorter, standard headboard would have been too similar in height to the rest of the room's furnishings, visually cutting the room in half horizontally.