Shelving Storage

Modern Designer Sideboard - Storage
Contemporary Storage Solution in a wide variety of finishes
Dimensions: W216.2 x D46.7 x H74.2cm
These sideboards offer choices of finish for you to create the perfect storage solution. Great for living rooms, dining rooms, even home-office set-ups and bedrooms. By selecting the finish that complements the surrounds, you can work this storage solution into any room of the house.

People DAY Modern Designer Floor Storage System

With an understated contemporary aesthetic and clean lines, choose from the characterful grains of Daniellia wood, or a matt or high-gloss lacquer. Then complete with wooden door modules or with doors of polished or metalized glass – and internal shelves are supplied in transparent glass.

Modern Designer Sideboard - Storage
Contemporary Storage Solution in a wide variety of finishes
These sideboards offer fantastic quality & value with many choices of finish for you to create the perfect storage solution. Great for living rooms, dining rooms, even home-office set-ups and bedrooms. By selecting the finish that complements the surrounds, you can work this storage solution into any room of the house.

MDF Italia Random Modern Designer Shelves

Launched in Milan 2005, this is THE perfect bookcase for those who like to have clean, sculptural library systems. Shelves at various standard heights fit into the backs through concealed dovetail slots; appearing fitted they happily stand alone. The Random Shelves have a lasting appeal that looks as if they have been made to measure. Create your own sculpture with the colours and objets d’art that you place within. Whether yellow or green is your current theme you can tailor the feel to suit your pleasure. We LOVE the Random shelves when placed side by side to create a whole wall of sculptural shelving. A complementary backdrop for classic and minimal modern spaces alike.

modern decor , Creative Expression

A modern white shell might intimidate some condominium dwellers. But to the architect who lives in this modern-decor setting, this unit offers an irresistible opportunity to express her colorful personal style. She blends her love of all things Japanese with family pieces and objects collected on her travels.

A white backdrop highlights the artwork and cherished items that complete this room.

Because carpeting is required by the building to muffle sound, the owner chose plain khaki carpet that mimics Japanese tatami mats. Over this neutral carpeting, dramatic jewel-tone rugs from Tibet put art underfoot.

Dramatic rugs are an essential piece of this room's design.

The white walls set off the owner's colorful Japanese prints. Illustrating successful eclectic style, modern furniture in white and black combines with traditional pieces in warm hues.
Industrial spaces are perfect candidates for modern decor. On the next page, learn how to dress up an industrial space and call it home.

Appetizing Color

Fearless use of color makes even the most minimal modern-decor kitchen feel lively and inviting. That's because color is an emotionally compelling element in any visual arena.

Bold colors, like this cobalt blue, can make the most modern kitchen warm and inviting.

In each of these kitchens, cobalt blue is used to great effect to bring the room alive.

Bold color can add whimsy to an otherwise stark space.

Choose any bold hue you like. Whether you want a room that's light, airy, and spacious or one that's cozy and intimate, color is a quick and effective way to get the look and feel you want.

Don't shy away from mixing bold colors in your modern kitchen.

European style can contribute to a stunningly sleek and modern kitchen. Find some ideas for a world-class kitchen on the next page.

Cooking and Dining

In the last few decades, the kitchen has reemerged as the heart of the home and the hub of household activity in modern decor. Depending on whom you talk to, dining rooms are going, gone, popular again, or popular only with those who entertain formally.
One thing's certain: Large eat-in kitchens, dining rooms adjacent to kitchens, and open-plan rooms with an area devoted to food preparation and enjoyment are big draws.

Kitchens bring the family together, so space for dining is a must.

Industrial loft conversions need kitchens installed from scratch, but their open layout is a step ahead of the game. If your older city apartment or house hasn't been updated yet, the kitchen is key. A kitchen renovation isn't simple, especially in elevator and walk-up buildings, but it's almost always worthwhile.
Keep appealing architectural elements if they work (skimpy doorways, no; tiny hexagonal tiles, yes), but upgrade appliances for performance and energy savings.
Define a new dining area with a fabulous table, or update your old dining room by widening or removing doorways. Whatever your style, consider painting or glazing a wall in cardinal orange-red: This glowing hue has been a dining room favorite since the Renaissance.
A big kitchen is a perfect spot to showcase your modern decor. On the next page, get design ideas for large and luxurious kitchen spaces.

Luxury With a Twist

A kitchen with generous square footage that's open to other living areas demands special treatment, such as this modern decor kitchen. In this space, the design goes beyond special to the realm of spectacular thanks to luxurious materials and artful accents.

Give large kitchens special treatment when planning your decor.

A massive work island, topped in variegated granite, is already a focal point. With the addition of a slim tier made of glass, the island becomes a handsome snack bar that lets guests visit comfortably with the cook.
Cabinets and shelving rounded against the walls recall the sleek style of Art Deco, but there's nothing retro about the overall effect. Artfully arranged lights, some recessed, some on a curved track, add even more glamorous sparkle.

Touches of Art Deco give some depth to this kitchen's overall design.

While many contemporary kitchens use soffits or have cabinets that reach to the ceiling, this one takes a page from traditional style and leaves room for display. Accessories are large and dramatic, in keeping with the space itself.
Color can add some spice to kitchens of all sizes. On the next page, get some ideas for adding bold colors to your kitchen.

modern decor , Room With a View

For many, the ideal modern decor includes spectacular views of sparkling city lights by night.

Low furniture won't block your beautiful view.

To maximize such a view, keep any furniture beneath the window (around knee height if possible). An upholstered ottoman or a chaise lounge fits the bill nicely.

Keep tall furniture to one side so it won't block the windows.

If you need to use a taller chair, set it well to one side of the window, and keep any side tables low and small. Depending on your desire for privacy, you may opt for no window covering at all or one that stacks unobtrusively -- Roman shades are chic with any decorating style, and pleated shades work with soft contemporary or Asian-inspired settings.

If you really want to embrace your stunning view, skip window coverings.

Modern decor takes many forms. On the next page, see how a monochromatic look can bring you design success.

Modern Decor Ideas , Inviting Color

Crisp, clean styles common to modern decor can be eye-catching, but it's nice when their colors are inspiring, too. These living rooms are a case in point: Neutral floors and furniture create a simple, modern starting point.

Bold colors can enhance a modern setting.

But instead of leaving these settings in neutral, the designers reached for color. Two rooms feature the sherbet hues pistachio and raspberry, while the third uses the paint-box primaries -- red, yellow, and blue. Cut with creamy white, each looks chic and cheerful. The natural earth tones of wood floors and the tawny shades in the area rugs also lend warmth to these contemporary settings.

In this room, bold color is added to a neutral foundation.

To keep the look in bounds, add neutral accents; to rev up the excitement, use a few well-chosen works of art and decorative accessories in hues you love. Clutter-free contemporary style gives color a high-impact punch.

Accent pieces without clutter give extra oomph to this room's color scheme.

If your living space has a stunning view, don't hide it. On the next page, find ways to embrace and show off your room with a view.