Beautiful Wall Decal Inspiration

The dandelion is one of the most common weeds in gardens and countryside, and today here on Freshome we wanted to present you an interesting and creative example of wall decal inspired by dandelion seeds being blown. Just take a look at how this beautiful wall decal can change the whole look of a room. These pictures were found on leenthegraphicsqueen’s photostream on Flickr.

Apartment Decorating : Inspiration, Ideas and Pictures

When most of us think of an apartment we automatically think of a small space often occupied in a city. Apartments are not necessarily small but they do require some additional consideration when it comes to providing enough storage solutions and furnishing the space. Whether just starting out after college or as an adult looking to change your surroundings, there are ways to make your apartment or condo more elegant and fresh. Apartment decorating can be challenging due to it’s limited nature and decorating is all about personal taste and expressing yourself through the design of your home. Now for those of you who are looking for a few fresh and minimalist ideas for your apartment here are some ideas to spark your creativity and style from Ozhan Hazirlar.

Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom is one of those places that takes time to decorate. You can always improve it because you always get bedroom ideas. This time it’s Hulsta to get our inspiration from. The spacious rooms all put a great accent on oak and alder furnishings plus some white and brown lacquered glass, and look amazingly perfect. Clean shapes, amazing eye-friendly colors and designed for those who need their room to be either beautiful and able to store all their stuff. Would you put something like this in your bedroom? Which one do you like the most?

Amazing Sofa

Small Apartment with a Spacious Feeling

This apartment was designed by Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates for a couple staying in a condominium in Leicester Road, Singapore. This apartment is a great example of how you can give a spacious and cosy feeling to a small apartment. The subtle color palette punctuated with brighter spots of tones. - Thanks Jwen for the suggestion.

Illusion of More Space Curtain by Bauke Knottnerus

Designed by Bauke Knottnerus this curtain is a great piece of conversation, that can also create the illusion of more space in any room. I’m pretty sure that your new guests will be pretty impressed by a curtain like this …and who knows maybe some people will be inspired by design and maybe they will create something even more creative. - Via

Colorful and Charming Interior Design from Mi Casa Revista

Spanish design magazine Mi Casa Revista just published these bubbly and bright ideas for prepping up your interiors with a dash of dazzling shades and some bubbly candy-styled colors. With white walls in contrast with the candy pink, gentle rose, brilliant blues and dazzling reds, the interior looks clean and sharp. The refreshing feel is further enhanced by using ergonomic and cozy furniture, designs that use a lot of print and patterns that will inspire you to redo your own apartment… So chic without being a complete crayon land, isn’t it?

Decorating with black and white

If you are under the illusion that this is a set out of the 101 Dalmatians flick, then you could be forgiven for feeling so. Conceived and given shape by interior designer Tom Atwood, these absolutely stunning interiors try to capture the beauty of modern minimalist design and style by using various shapes, patterns, curves and stripes etched in nothing but just black and white. Even the staircase keep the contrast, along with uber-cool rugs and bars on the ceiling. The ambience and the beauty created by the harmonious existence of vast dissimilarity in shades, are truly inspirational.

Maria Adlersson's Flat

The apartment of Swedish artist Maria Adlersson is a wonderful and snazzy example of how one can maximize space and accentuate looks in the most elegant of way. With white pristine walls laced with a stylish delight. It features an “ergonomic” kitchen that uses the limited space to perfection sporting glossy cabinets and a kitchen counter lined with wood, dining space that merges many different styles and a cozy work place station that slides effortlessly in a quiet little corner. The best part though, is the innovative bookshelf with holes of various sizes to hold every book. Looks like a complete lesson in a blend of comfort and class

Bedroom Inspiration #3

After you’ve saw Bedroom Inspiration #1, and #2 today here I come with the 3rd part of this series, that will continue over time .Enjoy these pictures, and I hope you’ll leave from here a little more inspired. Don’t forget to come back because Bedroom Design Inspiration series is just at episode #3, and there are more to come.